DSI Web Builder comes loaded with power-packed features designed to make your website both unique and successful
DSI Web Builder Features:


1. Monetize your website with Google AdSense
  Users can now place Google Ads (advertisements) on their website, and earn money as visitors click on these Ads. For details, please visit www.google.com/adsense
2. Receive payments with Paypal & Google Checkout
  The new revamped WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor helps users create rich standards compliant HTML content with absolutely no prior knowledge or experience in HTML. Users can add text, images, links etc. in a MS Word like wysiwyg mode. The feature rich editor includes a robust Spell Checker, style sheet (CSS) support, HTML & XHTML editing modes, etc.
3. Attractive goodies to jazz up your pages
  You can add powerful and attractive features to jazz up your website. These include:
Mailing List
Allows website owners to create and manage a complete mailing list of visitors on their website.
Catalog Builder
Catalog Builder allows website owners to quickly create a comprehensive product catalog. The catalog provides a fast and easy way for visitors to browse through the products & services offered by the website owner.
Guest Book
The powerful guest book enables website owners to approve/edit comments or suggestions provided by website visitors through an online guest book.
Spell Checker
A comprehensive spell checker enables website owners to spell check their website content during web page creation, much before they decide to publish it to their live website.
Page Layout
Allows novice users to create professional web page layouts by choosing from a range of over 25 pre-formatted web page layouts.
Driving Directions
Allows users to add a map on their web page showing the driving directions to reach a location specified by them (office, home, etc.).
Enables users to add a map of a geographical location specified by them such as office, home, etc. to their web page.
Animated Cursors
Allows users to add a sparkling animated cursor to their web page as a novelty.
News Updates
Allows users to add the latest international news snippets covering diverse topics on their web page.
Last Modified Date Time Stamp
Allows users to add a date & time stamp to their web page to indicate when the web page was last modified.
Language Translation
Allows website visitors to translate the entire content of a web page to any of the popular languages in just a click.
Current Date & Time Stamp
Allows website visitors to view the current date and time, every time they visit the page.
Tell a Friend
Allows website owners to add a link to their web page, which allows website visitors to recommend the website to their friends.
Hit Counter
Allows users to choose from a range of Hit Counters that can be added to the site.
Allows users to add a link on their web page that opens up a personalized Yahoo! Calendar.
Google Search
Allows users to add a Google search box to their web page.
Yahoo Presence
Allows website visitors to view the Yahoo! Messenger status of the website owner.
Google AdSense
Users can now place Google Ads (advertisements) on their website, and earn money as visitors click on the Ads. For details, please visit www.google.com/adsense
Google Checkout
Users can now add a Google Checkout link on their website to enable visitors to click on it to pay using their credit card. For details, please visit checkout.google.com
PayPal Integration
A PayPal Pay now button on the user’s website can now allow them to receive payments made by their website visitors via Paypal payment gateway.
iFrame Insertion
Users can now add an iFrame as part of their webpage. iFrame is an HTML element that makes it possible to embed another HTML document inside the main document. For more details, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iframe
hCard (short for HTML vCard) is a format for publishing the contact details of people, companies, organizations, and places. hCard allows parsing tools, other websites, or applications to extract the details available in the hCard and display them using some other website or mapping tool. hCard also allows easier search indexing, and for automatic loading into an address book program, like Microsoft Outlook for instance.
4. Image Replacement Wizard
  The main images on all the design templates can be replaced by the user by uploading any image of their choice. But making the image seamlessly gel with the rest of the design was proving to be quite a challenge. While advanced users use expensive tools like Photoshop to edit and apply effects to their images before uploading, other users were left high and dry. The powerful Image Replacement Wizard now allows them to automatically apply a range of image effects to any image that they upload and help them pick the most suitable image effect option of their choice for their website. All the user has to do is to upload any image of his choice, choose an area of the image that he likes and then pick from the available image effect options generated by the wizard.
5. Create custom page filenames
  Users can now rename and customize the filenames of their web pages. A meaningful filename normally gives you a better search engine ranking. (example: instead of '1.html' it could be 'features.html' etc).
6. Website Alignment Options
  Users now have the choice of aligning their website to the left or the center of the browser window depending on the aesthetic requirements of their website design.
7. Create attractive Homepages
  With Home Page Wizard users can now choose from a wide range of attractive readymade design templates for their home page. Once chosen, users can go ahead and completely customize the content, text formatting, images, etc. Take a sneak preview of the Home Page Design Gallery
8. Create a customized Flash intro animation
  The new Flash Wizard with refreshing additional templates allows users to select from a wide range of flash intro movie templates for their website. Users can also fully customize the color, image, sound, text and the messages that appear as part of the Flash animation.
9. Create content with images using an MS-Word like tool
  The new revamped WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor helps users create rich standards compliant HTML content with absolutely no prior knowledge or experience in HTML. Users can add text, images, links etc. in a MS Word like wysiwyg mode. The feature rich editor includes a robust Spell Checker, style sheet (CSS) support, HTML & XHTML editing modes, etc.
10. Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  The new revamped SEO feature now enables users to quickly add meta-tag information like keywords, title, description, etc. to their website using a simple easy to use text box interface instead of having to edit the source code. Users can also directly edit the page filenames to make them more appropriate for the content on the page. Apart from this users can now add a Sitemap link in all the pages that links to an automatically generated Sitemap page. To make is more search engine friendly, the websites will be published as pure HTML without JavaScript.
11. Create customized form pages & more
  Form Wizard helps you create customized forms for your website. With Form Wizard, you can now create any form containing any input field, for feedback, registration, sign up, etc. You can also include form elements like text box/area, pull down menus, radio buttons, etc.
12. Set up an e-commerce store with our fully reloaded Shop Wizard
  Shop Wizard helps you create, display and sell a range of products from your website. With Shop Wizard, you can quickly list your products and pricing on the shop pages of your website along with images and detailed description. And it only gets better with a seamlessly integrated payment gateway for receiving online credit card payment. The payment gateways currently supported include Authorize.NET, Verisign, 2Checkout & Paypal. The numerous enhancements in the new version include extra Field options in shop checkout page, additional shop page layout options to allow products to be displayed in columns, additional picture support for each product, option to display shop products page wise, product summary page, quick search option, option to re-order products on the shop page, professional shop page designs and much more.
13. Upgrade to more feature-rich packs or Downgrade pack
  You can signup for any package initially and later upgrade to other more feature-rich packs at any time. The new version now allows users to Downgrade to a lower pack as well.
14. Stand-alone Pages (Hidden Pages)
  Users can now add Stand-alone pages (also called Hidden pages or Invisible pages) to their website. Stand-alone pages are not listed as part of the regular site navigation links (main navigation link) and can be accessed only through a direct link provided by the user. Stand-alone pages can be used for specific marketing campaigns as landing pages or as special pages not directly related to the main website.
15. 1000+ unique designs with over 15,000 template options
  Building designer websites is easy with DSI Web Builder. Because DSI Web Builder now features loads of refreshing new website design templates that not only appeal to the aesthetic but are also functionally superior with flexible options to customize the design as well. With 1000+ unique design options DSI Web Builder's extensive range of design templates are specifically created to meet the diverse requirements of small businesses, home office owners & personal websites alike.
16. Jump start your website with Quick Start Wizard
  Not sure where to begin? Let Quick Start Wizard quickly get the basic website in place in just a few minutes, and in just a few simple steps. Users can then proceed to further customize their website, add custom content, add more pages, add features, etc.
17. Create a complete photo album online

Set up your complete photo album on the web with Photo Album Editor. With Photo Album Editor, you can upload, sort and display a series of photo image files online. What's more, you can also add a title and description for each photograph in your album, rearrange them, etc.

18. Create & manage a complete web blog

BlogZone is a next generation Blog module with extremely easy to use interface that allows you to foster an active community of bloggers online. There is no need any third party tools or plug-ins for BlogZone

19. Incorporate Banners on your website

With powerful banner incorporation tools, you can now embed banners on your website. This provides a powerful marketing and communication tool to users.

20. Customize the Footer on your website

The Footer feature enables you to provide highly specific content such as service information, branding, contact or copyright information, etc.

21. Incorporate any custom image or Logo on your website
  All design templates have default images embedded within them. Users can replace these images by uploading any image of their choice. This could be a Logo image or any other image of their choice.
22. Perform photo retouching & editing operations

The Online Image Editor allows you to perform operations such as Flip, Flop, Crop, Rotate, apply Frames & Borders, change Brightness & Contrast, Resize, Annotate (text on image) and Change Image Format, etc. All this is fully browser based. You don’t need to install a thing.

23. Modify, rearrange your web pages at any time

You can add, rearrange, rename, or even delete pages and their corresponding links on your website. This gives you complete control over the site links and the order of page appearance.

24. Integrated Site Updation Options

Powerful site updating options allow users to quickly edit, replace or update the website design and/or text content any number of times, at their convenience.

25. One-step Change Design feature

You can change the design template on your homepage, inside pages and Flash intro, etc., in just one step by selecting any one of the available templates. What’s more, the entire content on these pages remain untouched and exactly the same as on the earlier design.

27. Refreshing new designs in line with the latest design trends

High quality designs in line with the latest design trends with flexible customization options helps the users to create unique looking websites that meets their requirements.

28. Exhaustive list of design categories

The list of categories has been made exhaustive in order to cover the majority of the small and medium business segments as well as personal family user segments. For Ex: In the new version, there are separate categories for Interior and Furniture, Fast Foods, Florists etc which are not there in the older version. This will help the users to easily select the templates that would fit their requirements.

29. Advanced Template search functionality

It is a challenge for users to choose a design template that exactly suits their requirement from over 1000 templates that is available in DSI Web Builder and hence we have come up with a search functionality based on criteria’s like Color, Image Names and Categories, which will make it easier for the users to select a template that perfectly suits their requirement.

30. Export PC website as a mobile website with a single click

Users can also export their PC website as mobile website with a single click. This would help users to target the mobile web users, with a mobile website that consistently works across all mobile phones.

31. Snapshot of recently viewed designs

Users can now click on the recently viewed design link where they will be shown the templates that they have seen so far during the process of choosing the template. This is again a new feature that will help the users to finally shortlist from the templates that they have tried out so far.

32. Attractive Image effects in main & sub Title

The main title and sub title for the new templates would now show up with attractive images with special effects which make the website look aesthetically much better.

33. Text wrap within main and sub title

Users can now have longer main and sub titles as the titles will get wrapped as the number of characters increase unlike the older version, where the title gets cut if it exceeds a certain limit.

34. Preview page with options to change title, color & image

Users can now instantly preview the changes to the title, color and image.

35. Navigations - Supports more than 15 characters

The new design templates supports navigation names with more than 15 characters, which will now provide flexibility for the users to have longer page names.

36. Home page templates with multiple message area

The users now have the flexibility to have multiple message areas in their home pages so that the users can create a comprehensive home page which not only contains attractive images but also contains enough space for having the content that is needed in the home page.

37. Ability to add content title above each page content area

Users now have the options to add titles (as an image) above the content area. The users can also blank these titles if needed.

38. Totally revamped WYSIWYG editor

The text editor has been totally revamped and made much more user friendly. The features are now clubbed and categorized For Ex: Under the Insert functionality, we have brought the Insert Image, Insert Link, Insert Special Characters option, whereas in the older version each one of these were separate icons, and were overwhelming for the users.

39. The text editor now loads with the website template

To help the users visualize the final output better, the text editor now shows the website template inside the editor so they can see how the text & images appear as part of the template when they update the content.

40. Preview option on editor page for quick and faster preview

We have also ensured that there is no reload of page necessary to preview the page, as the preview will now happen in the same page, so that it is much faster and easier for the users. This is another performance enhancement which is sure to reduce the time the user needs to wait to edit and preview the pages thereby improving on the user satisfaction which would also make the product more scalable by reducing the load in the application.

41. Totally revamped Image replacement options

Users now have 3 options to change the main images appearing in the template. The easiest option is for the users to select an image from the design gallery. There are couple of options (simple and advanced options) for the users to upload an image from their PC/Laptop.

42. Google Chrome, Safari support in Editor NEW!
  The WYSIWYG editor now works with Google Chrome and Safari 3+ browsers also apart from IE 6+ & Firefox 2.0+ browsers.
43. Improved Table support in Editor ENHANCED!
  Now the HTML table support in the WYSIWYG editor has been enhanced with more features and all of its features are supported on all browsers (previously IE only supported all features). And its toolbar menus have been enhanced to be more intuitive and user friendly than earlier.
44. Improved Spell Checker in Editor ENHANCED!
  Now the spell checker in the WYSIWYG editor has been improved to be more robust and it supports non-English languages also.
45. Direct pasting support in Editor NEW!
  Saves time while editing by copying text content from other applications like MS-WORD, etc. and paste it directly into the WYSIWYG editor with its formatting.
46. Enhanced Fonts support in Editor ENHANCED!
  The WYSIWYG editor has been enhanced to support more fonts than earlier.
47. Enhanced Font size support in Editor. ENHANCED!
  The WYSIWYG editor has been enhanced to support more font sizes than earlier.
48. Enhanced Undo/Redo support in Editor ENHANCED!
  The WYSIWYG editor has been enhanced for a more robust and flexible Undo/Redo support than earlier.
49. YouTube support NEW!
  Users can now embed YouTube video clips on their website to enable visitors to view it from their websites.
50. Improved Editor Tool bar in Editor ENHANCED!
  The WYSIWYG editor Tool bar has been enhanced to be more intuitive and user friendly than earlier.
51. Improved Loading time behavior in Editor ENHANCED!
  The WYSIWYG editor displays an animation during loading content for better user experience and understanding.
52. Faster loading of editor NEW!
  The WYSIWYG editor has been enhanced so that it loads still faster to give a better user experience.
53. Trial User upgrade NEW!
  Now the trial users can upgrade to higher packs toe valuate them without having to pay for either of the packs.
54. Banner support both at the top and the bottom (for new designs only) NEW!
  Now you can add your banners both at the top or at the bottom of your web pages in all the new designs that was added after the Version 17 release.
1. Multiple payment mode options to receive user payments
  Now you can allow your users to choose any one of payment modes that you offer to complete the payment and sign up for your site building service without restricting them to just one payment mode.
2. Complete Brand Control & Visibility
  DSI Web Builder can be completely private branded. You decide the branding of the entire site building application and get to prominently display your logo, brand information, marketing messages, special offers, custom support links, etc. on the application interface. DSI Web Builder is, for all practical purposes, invisible to your customers.
3. You have full control of the FTP Location where sites get published
  ONLY YOU can set the FTP location for each customer individually. Which means every time your customer publishes a website, DSI Web Builder will FTP the HTML pages and images to the location YOU specified for that customer using your Admin Control Panel. Of course, you are free to publish them either to your own servers or any other server location of your choice.
4. You can set Trial periods for your customers based on packs
  You can assign a specific trial period (1 to 30 days) for each Pack, individually. You may also choose not to offer trial for a particular Pack. The trial enables your customers to build and experience all aspects and functionalities of the application except for publishing. Your users can Publish only after signing up with you. You can also set periodic email reminders, which will be automatically sent to your customers during the trial period urging them to sign up at the earliest.
5. Security feature to prevent end users from downloading websites

DSI Web Builder prevents your customers from unethically downloading their website by using the browser’s Save As option. A user will only get an almost blank HTML page with no original images or content when he tries to do this. This security feature ensures that your customers do not misuse your powerful service by creating a great-looking feature-rich website using DSI Web Builder, only to download it and host it with your competitor.

6. Fully customizable auto-emailing feature

DSI Web Builder enables you to completely customize and set the email communications that will be dispatched automatically as part of your regular interactions with your customers without requiring any manual intervention. The email communications include routine emails like password change confirmation, etc (standard emails), and also event-based emails which are sent at the occurrence of specific events.

7. Powerful Admin Control Panel
  The powerful Admin Control Panel offered by DSI Web Builder allows service providers and resellers to manage all aspects of your private branded DSI Web Builder-powered website building service. The Admin Control Panel provides you complete control over your end customers, resellers and their access to the site building service.
8. 100% HTML Outputs
  DSI Web Builder output will be 100% pure HTML code. This ensures that the generated web site can be hosted in any remote web server irrespective of where DSI Web Builder is hosted.
9. Target specific customer segments with feature-rich packs

DSI Web Builder allows you to cater to the specific needs of individual target segments by choosing an appropriate Feature Pack from the wide range of Feature Packs available.

10. Cross-Platform Compatibile

DSI Web Builder developed on J2EE is completely compatible with all the popular platforms that are currently available in the market.

11. More than Stable. Un-breakable

DSI Web Builder is robust and scalable. The DSI Web Builder architecture is proven to support millions of active users. Just add servers to meet the demands of your growing customer base and DSI Web Builder can grow as fast as your business. DSI Web Builder has passed rigorous testing as part of the quality certification process by NSTL (National Software Testing Labs, Philadelphia), the worlds first independent software quality assurance organization and now bears the internationally recognized NSTL stamp of software quality. As part of the test process, DSI Web Builder achieved an equivalent of 2,795,904 successful transactions per day without a single failed transaction.

12. Dedicated technical support

While you provide the first level support for your site building customers, DSI Web Builder provides you (the service provider) with the second level support to help you manage all aspects of your website building service. Unlimited email support is provided to you during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Time) to help you resolve any issues that you may have regarding the service.

13. Supports Multiple Languages

DSI Web Builder supports multiple language versions which enables you to offer your website building service in more than one language. This feature enables you to customize the site building tool interface and make it available in a language that is understandble by your users.

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